Moxie Stevie Awards

Moxie wins four Stevie awards for eCommerce sales and customer service solutions

Moxie’s visionary customer experience solutions have been honored in the 11th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, presented Friday, Feb. 24, in Las Vegas.

Moxie took home one silver award — for e-commerce customer service — and three bronze awards in recognition of its sales-boosting technology:

  • Silver: e-Commerce Award
  • Bronze: Best Use of Technology
  • Bronze: Award for Innovation — Other Industries
  • Bronze: Contact Center Solution — New

Moxie Concierge designed with sales in mind

All awards were given in recognition of Moxie’s customer experience management suite, Moxie Concierge. Concierge guides the e-commerce customer journey with a powerful trio of engagement channels — contextual information, live chat, and email — informed by intelligent decisioning and performance analytics to anticipate customer needs.

Moxie Concierge is built to meet the biggest challenge facing e-commerce today: bringing up conversion rates, especially on mobile. Concierge helps replicate the brick-and-mortar shopping experience with a proactive sales force, delivered in the way customers want it, whether through self-service or live interaction.

The result is increased sales and revenue, and more engagement with the brands that use Concierge.

A 2016 Total Economic Impact study performed by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by Moxie showed that deploying Moxie Concierge results in a risk-adjusted ROI of 626%. For businesses that use Moxie live chat, the availability of agents to answer customer questions boosted online conversions by as much as 6.25%.

Among the Stevie Awards judges’ comments on Moxie’s technology solutions:

“A strong understanding of industry needs in an e-commerce world, evidenced by a creative suite of applications.”

“Moxie’s mission is to-the-point: customer satisfaction”

“Great ROI and abandonment conversion improvement.”

Companies use concierge to handle mobile CEM

Companies choose Moxie Concierge because it delivers a mobile-focused and cross-channel CEM solution, easy to use and manage across all devices.

Consumer electronics vendor Newegg adopted Moxie Concierge last year. “Through the Moxie self-service portal, our customers can be on their mobile device and easily find valuable product information on their own whenever they’d like,” Sue Martin, Newegg VP of Customer Service, said.

Home-furnishings retailer Crate and Barrel deployed Concierge to manage an increasingly mobile customer experience, said Joan King, Vice President of eCommerce at Crate and Barrel.

“Seeing our mobile traffic grow nearly 30 percent, year-over-year, with more and more of our customers shopping on tablets and mobile devices, our goal was to select an application that offered a superior mobile experience,” King said.

Besides Concierge, Moxie also offers Knowledgebase and Web Self-Service products, as well as cloud-based security and certification solutions through Moxie Cloud Services.

Stevie nominees judged rigorously for business excellence

The Stevie Awards were founded in 2002 by Michael Gallagher. One of the goals of the awards was to “restore public confidence and investor trust by honoring some of the unsung heroes of American business,” Gallagher told the New York Post in 2002.

The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service received more than 2,300 nominations. Finalists were determined by the average scores assigned by 77 worldwide professionals in various industries, and specialized judging committees picked the award winners.

We’re very proud to have been selected as winners for such prestigious awards. The full list of winners is available at the Stevie Awards website. The full awards ceremony, hosted by Las Vegas actor Simon Relph, also is available to watch.