Oriental Trading and Moxie Web Self-Service

Oriental Trading’s Summer of Self Service

From beach balls to curly drinking straws, Oriental Trading’s colorful catalog of products is sure to satisfy anyone looking to throw a summer party. Users on Oriental Trading’s website can browse hundreds of items, including toys, novelties, school supplies, and arts and crafts.

Oriental Trading Company, founded in 1923, has transitioned from a catalog company to a thriving eCommerce presence recognized for high customer satisfaction scores. The company is constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience and uses Moxie’s Concierge® technology to improve satisfaction, increase efficiency, and aid conversion.

Recently, the company saw an opportunity to upgrade its self-service through Moxie solutions, while also introducing two new brands to the public.

Efficiency Beyond Chat and Email

According to Joshua Odell, Senior Analytics Supervisor at Oriental Trading’s call center, Concierge chat and email solutions have already been paying off.

“Chat and email channels tend to be about a fourth to a third the cost of a call,” Odell says. “A big part of that is that the efficiency is so much higher on chat and email. An email can take 1 or 2 minutes versus a 5- to 10-minute phone call, and with chat, agents can handle up to 3 sessions at once.”

Younger customers also feel more comfortable with chat and email than with phone, Odell says, opening avenues to crucial demographics.

Even though the cost savings for chat and email channels are substantial, Oriental Trading saw a bigger opportunity for increased efficiency and satisfaction with self-service, which costs pennies on the dollar compared with other channels.

Self-service is win-win for company and customer

Oriental Trading’s previous self-service portal was troublesome to access on mobile. With the company seeing a growing proportion of mobile users, agents were still receiving a lot of simple questions on live chat.

One common customer question was whether Oriental Trading charged sales tax on orders to a certain state. To reduce the volume of customer inquiries related to this issue, Oriental Trading leveraged Moxie’s Kbot® application to guide customers to self-service, through both chat deflection and contextual guidance.

Oriental Trading Self-Service Sales Tax Moxie SolutionNow, when customers request a chat session for questions about sales tax, Kbot points them to self-service answers. Additionally, at checkout, customers can quickly access knowledge by hovering over a question mark next to their sales tax total. Less clicking means customers can more easily get to the relevant articles they need, facilitating the journey to conversion.

“Since we’ve rolled out the new knowledge base, we see that a lot of questions that would have come through chat are going to our knowledge base again, and that’s definitely where we want to be,” Odell says. “It’s easier for the customer and cheaper for us, so it’s a win-win all around.”

Four branded self-service portals within days

Oriental Trading Company’s three other brands help connect customers with an expanding product line. In addition to Oriental Trading, the company also operates Mindware, Learn365, and MarryMe, the latter two of which were introduced recently. Moxie provided Oriental Trading Company the flexibility it needed to support the self-service portals for the two new brands.

Each new brand came with new fonts, new color schemes, and CSS styles. With one click, Oriental Trading created two new Moxie-hosted portals that were branded identically to the brand’s main website, ensuring a seamless self-service experience.

Scott Pribyl, eCommerce Product Manager at Oriental Trading, says implementing each new branded portal was a quick process. Within two days, Oriental Trading had four portals containing shared and unique content, each with separate reporting.

“Overall, given dedicated resources to what we were trying to accomplish, it only took two days to go from creating a brand new portal, styling that portal, adjusting the content, and publishing it to the site,” Pribyl says.

One of the best parts of the new portals, Pribyl says, is their ease and simplicity. Business users can manage them rather than IT or development resources, surely an important feature during summer vacation season.

With the power of Moxie’s Kbot solution, Oriental Trading can serve customers better and save resources. By breaking down barriers in the sales journey, self-service through Moxie Concierge helps more customers follow through to conversion, and get out and enjoy summer.

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