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What I learned Last Week in Breakfast Conversation with Barclays — A story in 3 Acts from Customer Experience to Customer-Adaptive Enterprise
By Guest Author, Jeremy Cox, Principal Analyst CRM & Customer-Adaptive Research Lead at Ovum Jeremy Cox shares his insights from a breakfast briefing hosted last week by Moxie Software and Barclays Bank looking at creating a superior customer experience. The event was attended by more than 40 senior directors of major organisations in the UK from airlines, banks, charities, electronics, telecom and mobile companies. 

Act 1: The multi-channel customer experience: new challenges

Jeremy presenting at Barclay's breakfast The third act of this breakfast briefing was a thoroughly stimulating exchange of views and ideas around both the customer experience challenge and the longer term imperative to become customer-adaptive. This lively debate demonstrated clear consensus that effective internal collaboration and continuous innovation are paramount to improving the customer experience. But what are the barriers to this? Irrespective of industry, we all face the common challenge of trying to deliver a great customer experience. The perfect storm created by technology disruption, growing customer expectations and a shift of power to the customer amplified by social networking has upped the ante significantly. The ability to serve multiple channels and engage with customers through the access point of their choice (36% via smartphone by 2016 according to Ovum research) is increasingly crucial as communications platforms evolve rapidly. In an environment where products and services are commoditised ever faster, the ultimate goal of remaining persistently relevant to customers is achieved not only through a great experience, but also by continuous innovation leading to the creation and delivery of new value. A business’s ability to adapt at speed to meet changing needs and behaviours requires a new customer-centric, customer-empowered orchestration – the customer-adaptive enterprise. And, as this breakfast briefing has served to demonstrate, we are seeing technology and management thinking evolving to meet this requirement.
CRM Watchlist 2013 Winner: Moxie!
Moxie Software is honored to be recognized as one of the winners of the 2013 CRM Watchlist. Moxie, along with this year’s two other recipients, was named a winner by Paul Greenberg, the industry expert on everything CRM. Greenberg reviewed Moxie Software in an article published on ZDNet this week. We have to admit that Paul’s review is a fine feather in Moxie’s cap for its fair and honest assessment from one of the leading experts in CRM.
Engage+ App for Facebook
Give your Facebook Fans the Love They Deserve with Moxie’s Engage+ App – Because Not All Customers Are Created Equal
Moxie Software has recently launched its Engage+ App for Facebook, which is the first social chat available in the market that gives companies the ability to access a consumer’s Facebook profile to provide personalized offers and richer interactions. By bringing together traditional and social technologies, Moxie’s Engage + App gives brands competitive advantage with the ability to:
  • Chat directly with consumers on Facebook;
  • Generate revenue with social engagement;
  • Convert a competitor's fan into your customer;
  • Know when loyal customers ask questions; and
  • Create a personalized shopping experience directly on Facebook.
Knowledge Management Nirvana
Is Knowledge Management Making a Come Back?

As enterprises become more collaborative and thrive to better connect their internal (employees) and external (partners and customers) worlds, a well-established technology is back in the spotlight — Knowledge Management. With so many hot technologies in the marketplace ranging from cloud to social to mobile,...

Social Chat
New Social Chat App Turns Facebook Fans into Customers. Moxie Can Now Help Brands Engage Directly with Facebook’s Nearly One Billion Active Users
Yesterday, Moxie Software announced the first social chat that integrates with Facebook’s API.  “Moxie’s new Engage+ App is available with Chat Spaces™, giving companies the ability to access a consumer’s Facebook profile to deliver personalized offers and richer interactions.” Why is this news relevant and why should companies pay attention? We are seeing the rise of the socially-connected customer, who utilizes a variety of communication channels to contact a company. There are now nearly one billion active Facebook users, who are now using the Facebook platform to connect with their favorite brands. It makes sense for companies to deploy a technology that allows brands to connect directly with consumers to provide a personalized customer experience. Also, it is critical that companies understand that Facebook shouldn’t be handled as an isolated customer communication channel, but instead it needs to be handled as part of an integrated customer communication strategy.
Moxie and Microsoft
Moxie Software Partners with Microsoft. So, What Does It Mean for Microsoft’s Customers?
This morning, we announced our joint, go-to-market partnership with Microsoft offering Spaces by Moxie within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As part of the partnership, Moxie Software is now the preferred provider of comprehensive, multi-channel and knowledge base solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM aimed at delivering superior customer experiences. A full copy of the press release is available here.
Employee Engagement
Fun Friday Reading: Boss’s Day Roundup- Five Posts to Make You An Amazing Manager
What better time to thank the collaborative boss than Boss’s Day? The holiday was last Tuesday in North America, but it’s never too late to recognize the leaders that help keep the team running successfully. We’re celebrating the collaborative manager with a collection of our favorite leadership articles this week. Read, learn, and be inspired!

1. The 5 ‘whys’ of employee engagement

Loyal employees have leadership behind them that address these five questions. Try one of them today and see your team’s morale perk up! Forbes: Your Employees are Engaged...REALLY?