In a space where every platform is built on the same functionality and exchange, BetVictor seeks to differentiate itself by delivering an unmatched customer experience on any device.


One of the world’s largest online betting sites enhances customer experience through Moxie Concierge digital engagement suite.

Business Challenge

In a space where every platform is built on the same functionality and exchange, BetVictor seeks to differentiate itself by delivering an unmatched customer experience online and on mobile, for first-time and longtime bettors alike.


Moxie Concierge enables BetVictor to “Be There” for its customers wherever they may log on, at any given moment they may wish to place a bet, with a combination of Live Chat, Email and Moxie’s new Kbot® contextual guidance application. Paired with Moxie Cloud Services, Concierge is easy to manage and effortless to maintain.

The Moxie Difference

Standing Out in an Ultra-Competitive Market

As a leading independent bookmaker in the UK, BetVictor embraces every opportunity to redefine the online gambling experience. The company has been investing in Moxie applications to enhance the customer experience since 2010, and has remained on the forefront of digital engagement ever since. BetVictor uses Moxie Concierge to provide fast, seamless inquiry responses via:

Live Chat on Mobile

Bets are often placed from a mobile device. Should mobile customers have any difficulty completing their bet or understanding an offer, Live Chat functions seamlessly within BetVictor’s mobile application.

Mobile strategy is paramount for BetVictor, as they receive roughly 10,000 new users per week from mobile devices. With Moxie Live Chat, BetVictor can keep users within its app rather than sending them out to another portal. This simplifies the user experience and reinforces the BetVictor brand.

Minimizing Phone Usage

BetVictor’s success with Live Chat has brought to light that many of its customers actually prefer digital channels to the traditional phone channel. As a result, BetVictor has been able to remove phone numbers from its website altogether. Meanwhile, the website’s self-service portal adds even another layer of assistance prior to a live contact.

Transitioning from phone to digital makes sense for the business and the customer because:

  1. Digital agents are typically able to field 4x more inquiries than phone representatives.
  2. Customers can be segmented provided with proactive guidance at the right time, on the right channel.
  3. Bettors who contact BetVictor after having lost money on a wager are often emotionally charged. Live Chat enables agents to keep conversations level and productive.
  4. Training digital agents is less labor intensive than training phone agents.
  5. Digital engagements provide more insight than the phone channel, especially with Moxie’s insightful and actionable reporting tools.

Managing Peak Betting Times

The Grand National is one of England’s most fabled events. The horserace draws a crowd of more than 70,000, with 10 million more watching at home. Roughly one-quarter of the UK adult population places a Grand National bet, making the race one of BetVictor’s peak service times.

During the Grand National, BetVictor typically sees an approximate 25 percent spike in digital engagement and 30 times as many bets as they would receive on a standard Saturday. Moxie is able to handle the scale without disruption. To meet the astronomic demand, BetVictor trains the entire company on Moxie Concierge.

Moving to Moxie Cloud

Previously, BetVictor was managing its customer engagement tools in-house. The company saw an opportunity to shed busy work and focus more on its core mission by moving over to Moxie Cloud Services (MCS). With Moxie’s fully managed cloud, BetVictor is able to access the latest and greatest digital engagement technology, without the painstaking IT and server management hours. MCS also provides faster issue resolution and enhanced network security.

A Digital Engagement Roadmap

With Moxie Concierge firmly in place, BetVictor has turned its sights toward additional enhancements in partnership with Moxie. They have integrated their Facebook page so that customers can chat with a BetVictor agent within Facebook Messenger, and have also implemented SMS capabilities allowing customer to text with BetVictor agents from the Apple or Android messaging app. Both enhancements include full access to Moxie’s routing, reporting, interface and compliance features.

In an industry that revolves around uncertainty, BetVictor’s and Moxie’s shared appreciation for the customer experience is making BetVictor the safe bet for simple, secure, support-ready online gambling.

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