This large insurance company identified the top four struggle points and resolved them by delivering automated snippets of useful information throughout the application process.

Large North American Insurance Company

Increasing the number of qualified leads and sales by increasing the number of customers entering and accurately completing the insurance quoting process.

Business Challenge

Visitors to LNIC’s website were not completing insurance applications because they could not find the answers to their questions. While LNIC provided a phone number and chat options in clear sight, the reality was that customers would simply abandon the quote process rather than make the effort to contact the company to have their questions answered.


Moxie and LNIC identified the top four struggle points and deployed Kbot®, Moxie’s contextual guidance application, to deliver automated snippets of useful information throughout the insurance application process to resolve the struggle points. The Kbot application is part of Moxie’s Concierge solution, a complete digital commerce suite including Kbot, Live Chat and Email.

Increase in Completed Applications0%
Increase in Products Sold0%
Increase in Initiated Applications0%
Since deploying Kbot, the company has seen the number of quotes initiated increase by over 30 percent and the number of quotes completed increase by over 70 percent. Additionally, the company has experienced an over 50 percent increase in the value of products sold when the customer is guided by Kbot. – Large North American Insurance Company

The Moxie Difference

The Challenge

LNIC recognized that customers were struggling while completing the insurance application and purchasing process. Specifically, they identified four points of struggle where customers were dropping out of the process. Contact options were offered on the page, but too few customers were reaching out to have their questions answered by an agent. LNIC needed to guide customers through the application process in real time. Their advisors provide valuable assistance when customers do contact the business, so the objective became to replicate advisors’ expertise in a digital, automated format.

Moxie's Role

After selecting the top struggle points, LNIC interviewed their advisors to understand how they would address the issues if a customer were to call. The advisors provided valuable feedback that informed the content produced within the Kbot application. LNIC and the Moxie team worked together to create snippets of information and map each struggle with the relevant content using Moxie’s Engagement Mapper, a key component of the Concierge suite that allows business users to quickly and easily present relevant information to site visitors based on specific behaviors or page elements.

The Results

To test the effectiveness of Concierge and Kbot, LNIC created a control group and A/B tested Concierge vs. Control. Visitors in the control group were not presented with the Concierge experience, while the Concierge group received the useful snippets of information presented by the Kbot application. The snippets are presented proactively to answer common struggle points such as “Why do I need liability coverage?” and “How much coverage do I need?” With Kbot, the customer is not required to ask a question. Instead, Kbot anticipates the customer’s needs and presents the content, more effectively reducing abandonment. The results of the Concierge group showed a more than 30% improvement in applications initiated, with a more than 73% improvement in application completions. Additionally, the group presented with the Kbot experience purchased 51% more products versus the group that was not presented with the Kbot experience.

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