British Army Live Chat: A Case Study | Moxie
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The British Army

The British Army enhances the online recruitment process capturing 60% of inquiries through Moxie Email and Live Chat

Business Challenge

The Army recognized that recruitment centers could be very intimidating, especially for young recruits. They wanted to make the Army Web site an interactive tool to provide instant access to professional advice at all times.


Moxie Live Chat and Email provides reliable, secure channels of communication with an intuitive interface for agents.


60% of inquiries captured through Moxie Email and Live Chat.

Shortened time-to-resolution with an intuitive agent interface.

With over 150,000 soldiers originating from England and Scotland, the British Army is deployed in countries all over the world.

The user friendly interface means we can couple productivity with real depth of experience to deliver the best Army careers advice available.”- Doug Kershaw, Senior Recruiter, British Army Online Careers Center

Army Deploys Web-Based Communication For Real-Time Response

The British Army needed a system to allow it to manage all inquiries quickly and effectively. They surveyed the market for a suitable solution that could maximize the productivity of a relatively small team of career representatives. Functionality that facilitated quick response times was critical to the Army’s solution of choice. Being highly responsive doesn’t need to involve costly telephone calls and the British Army careers service wanted to leverage the flexibility of Internet-based communication methods. Moxie Live Chat, a powerful interaction management solution that enables customer service agents to communicate with Web site visitors in real-time as well as rapidly respond to email inquiries was chosen to provide the interaction hub for the online careers office.

Soldiers Form Contact Center Front Line

The British Army online careers office is unlike any other contact center in the world in that only three to four soldiers staff the center at any one time. Each soldier has spent a considerable length of time as a serving soldier (minimum 22 years) and at least two years working in an Army Careers Office, so they are very experienced in offering advice to civilians wanting to join or soldiers with careers inquiries. Each soldier receives a one-hour orientation training session of Moxie Live Chat, before starting in the online careers office.

The agent workspace [in Moxie™] has allowed the team of online careers representatives to serve countless numbers of new recruits and serving soldiers with their Army careers. We are constantly looking for new ways to increase the productivity of the online careers centers and look forward to new releases from [Moxie] that will help us enhance the speed and quality of the services we deliver.” – Doug Kershaw, Senior Recruiter, British Army Online Careers Center

Internet Communication Central To Army Careers

When recruits visit the British Army Web site they can use the information available there to answer their questions, but help is at the click of a button if an answer cannot be located. In addition to an agent view of the chat session, the multi-window environment of Moxie Live Chat provides online careers officer’s simultaneous access to features designed to maximize productivity and ensure the accuracy and consistency of responses. This includes a complete history of previous interactions with the visitor, frequently asked questions, and other information in the live chat knowledge base, which contains a wealth of information to help recruiters answer queries as quickly and as accurately as possible. Eighty percent of all inbound communications to the Army online office are recruitment and career focused, but the Internet has proven to be such an effective communication tool that the office also handles a variety of other information requests from people who have lost contact with family members in the Army and want to find them, to soldiers who are absent without authorized leave and would want to chat anonymously about their options.

Moxie™ Maximizes Productivity Of Online Careers Office

While the majority of requests for information coming into the British Army online careers center are chat based, the recruiters also communicate via email. Moxie provides a unified view of all communications, whether by email or chat, giving recruiters access to a complete history of all interactions with a particular individual.

The careers representatives are able to deal with up to six concurrent chat sessions at any one time. At busy times the center handles up to 2,000 chat sessions a week. Over the course of one year, the recruiters at the online careers center handled a total of 65,349 chat interactions using Moxie™, in addition to handling all email inquiries.

A new technology currently being piloted in the online careers office is the use of dictation software to conduct the chat sessions. The careers office representatives are experienced soldiers from the infantry, cavalry and artillery, but are not trained typists, so the speed at which they can deal with questions is dependent on the speed at which they can type. Once the dictation software has been taught to recognize the individual representative, it allows them to converse more quickly and much more naturally with visitors to the Web site, which has obvious productivity and efficiency benefits in the online office.