Agent Efficiency Meets Customer Satisfaction

Respond Rapidly, Accurately, and Securely with goMoxie Email.

Consumers expect quick and accurate responses to their inquiries. Transform a traditional customer service weakness into a strength by empowering agents to respond efficiently with goMoxie’s email management application.

Email has become the preferred method of communication for customers who are constantly on the go. goMoxie Email is a mobile-first channel, empowering you to engage seamlessly with your customers across channels and devices.


goMoxie’s Email Management Application

The overwhelming number of emails flooding the inboxes of your agents can generate confusion, inefficiencies, and inconsistencies. goMoxie has developed a set of intuitive, secure, and customized features that don’t just address these problems, but prevent them from arising in the first place.

Skills-based Routing

goMoxie’s intelligent routing technology analyzes text within emails and matches it with the agent most equipped to handle a given inquiry, transforming inquiries into answers in no time.

Streamlined Solutions

With our single user interface, agents can access, monitor, and manage their entire dashboard — mailboxes, files, and folders — in one place.

Boost Productivity

Optimize your contact center operations and agent productivity with real-time email management dashboards, agent SLA timers, management reports, managed escalations, and more.


goMoxie’s Secure Message Portal enables users to share crucial information without the worry of identity theft, liability, or negative publicity.

Track Content & Measure Performance

View historical correspondence relating to a particular incident or group of incidents so that your agents have the necessary context to implement the best solutions.

Quality Assurance

Equip agents with historical context and monitor their emails to ensure communications standards are being met by all agents at all times.

See unparalleled email management in action.

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