Concierge Kbot

Guide Customers with Proactive, Targeted Information Without Human Assistance

Kbot is the only digital guidance tool designed to anticipate a user’s needs and provide immediate resolution with targeted, timely, and relevant information. Utilizing patented Moxie technology, Kbot empowers administrators to identify the point of struggle, deploy customer engagements, measure impact, and calibrate for optimal results using sophisticated analytics independent of IT support. Kbot enables growth without increasing overhead. It’s low risk, quick to install, and produces high returns within weeks.

Sales and Service Features

The fastest way to win both a single sale and brand loyalty is to engage the customer at hand with a thoughtful, well-executed experience. Kbot functions across devices, guaranteeing you’ll never miss another conversion opportunity from mobile incompatibility or general inconvenience.

Contextual Guidance

Use the Kbot application to identify struggling customers and proactively offer useful snippets of information (text, audio, or video content) to increase cart conversions and form completions.

Kbot recognizes customer struggles including frustrating or journey-ending errors and provides swift resolutions with no human assistance. Engagements are mapped to struggle points so Kbot can assist customers just like a helpful associate would in a brick-and-mortar store.

Easy Implementation and Management

Kbot is designed for business users to create and maintain content. It’s the simple, affordable solution to many of the most common challenges in eCommerce.

The process is simple

  1. Define struggle points
  2. Map engagements based on customer behavior
  3. Realize value

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