Concierge Kbot

Guide Customers Throughout the Digital Journey
Without Human Assistance

Bots should help customers, not frustrate them. Kbot from Moxie brings an automated yet intelligent dimension to your customer experience. Provide customers with timely assistance, and allow your agents to focus on issues that truly require their expertise. Kbot is the contextual cornerstone of Moxie’s complete digital engagement suite, Moxie Concierge.

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Sales and Service Features

The fastest way to win both a single sale and brand loyalty is to engage the customer at hand with a thoughtful, well-executed experience. Kbot functions across platforms, guaranteeing you’ll never miss another conversion opportunity from mobile incompatibility or general inconvenience.

Contextual Guidance

Use Kbot’s contextual guidance to identify struggling customers and proactively offer useful snippets of information (text, audio, or video content) to increase conversions and completions.

Service Chat Deflection

Allow customers to resolve service issues quickly and effectively by presenting self-service answers in advance of a chat, saving valuable human resources.

Self Service Portal

Enable customers to quickly and easily access detailed information as they please. Kbot and contextual guidance segue into Moxie’s intuitive, customizable self-service portal.

Moxie Web Self-Service Portal
Easy Implementation and Management

Kbot is designed for non-technical users to be able to create and maintain content. Map web page elements without needing assistance from IT, and align your mapping with real-time customer behavior patterns.

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