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When your customer opts to contact an agent for assistance, finding the right information at the right moment is critical. goMoxie Knowledgebase is a robust knowledge management solution that integrates across goMoxie’s digital channels to improve customer satisfaction scores and boost operational efficiency.


goMoxie Knowledgebase is guaranteed to increase efficiencies staff-wide — from IT to customer support. User-friendly web interface and sophisticated search capabilities enable agents to quickly find information needed to assist, reducing customer handling time and improving first contact resolution rates. Track what articles are being viewed and which lead most often to inquiry resolution to optimize and tell you what you’re getting for your investment.

Content Widgets

Provide access to the content most relevant to each customer with content widgets for hot topics, top FAQs, and latest articles.

Robust Reporting

Track article searches, retrieval rates, and ROI with powerful reporting tools.

Contextual Knowledge

Personalized portal capabilities display topical articles and alerts with relevant, reputable content.

API Enhancements

Extend Knowledgebase deployments and integrations seamlessly with enhanced methods for creating content.

Advanced Search Tuning

goMoxie’s pattern recognition and advanced search capabilities ensure relevant results based upon user-defined business rules.

Content & Time Management

Quickly implement system-wide content changes and changes to security, meta data, and taxonomies in minutes.

Seamless Content Creation

Create, edit, and share content through the Knowledgebase interface, an engine for publishing and powerful WYSIWYG HTML editing.

Execute Up-Sell And Cross-Sell Programs

Market and manage promotional campaigns related to product or service searches within Knowledgebase.

See how Knowledgebase can empower your customers and employees alike.

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