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Engage your customers with live chat

At the most critical point in the customer decision journey, seize the opportunity to communicate directly with your number one lead at the height of their decision. Live Chat software is revolutionizing B2C communication in the digital era, allowing you to be there for your customers and to understand them in ways never before possible.

Open The Line

All of the analytics in the world can’t surpass the power of direct communication with your customers.


Customer service isn’t just a matter of fixing issues; it’s about anticipating and understanding your customers’ needs.


Assisting your customer from challenge through solution can win you not only a sale, but lifelong loyalty.

Be There

Anywhere, anytime, all the time, every time. All customers truly want is to know that you are there for them.

Go Mobile. Go Moxie.

Be there every step of the way


The expectation for an immediate and satisfactory response has never been higher than in today’s digital world. Consumers expect to be able to connect with brands in an instant, and on their terms. A mobile engagement solution is no longer a competitive advantage—it is a necessity.
Moxie’s proprietary Mobile Chat SDK integrates seamlessly with iOS and Android applications, enabling you to instantly connect with your customers without them having to open a browser. Benefits include:

Mobile First Design

We started with a mobile-first approach to make sure your customers have a seamless experience across devices.

Simultaneous Browse & Chat

Customers can engage in live support without experiencing any interruption to their browsing experience.

Geolocation Sharing

Customers have the option to share their location, allowing you to provide region-specific support and guidance.

Moxie Live Chat Software with Concierge
File Sharing

Customers can share photos, videos or documents during a chat session for better communication.

Customization Capabilities

Mobile Chat SDK offers a configurable color palette so that you can customize the app according to your brand guidelines.

Consistent Connectivity

Customers are automatically reconnected to their chat session whenever cellular service is interrupted.

The Moxie Difference

Empowering you to reach new heights for your customers


You’ve conquered the most difficult aspect of the inbound process—your customer is on your site. While you may have jumped the biggest hurdle, there are still hundreds—thousands—of influencing factors you and your customer must face before a positive purchasing decision is made.
Through a suite of unique features and resources, we’ll be there with you every step of the way so that you can do the same for your customers.

Smart Chat Client

Optimize the chat experience across devices with simple configuration options for desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

Device Recognition

Simplify the user experience with device recognition and the ability to reconnect to the same agent within a set time period.

Online Tracking

Approach your customer strategically, based on real-time tracking of their shopping-cart value, leads, referrals and page visits.

Chat Deflection

Present self-service answers in advance of a chat, saving valuable human resources.

Translation Service

Communicate with customers in real-time via their native language.

File Sharing

Access file attachments both during and after the chat session.

Gain Insights

Forecast sales, calculate ROI and improve operations with custom and historical reporting features.

Screen Sharing

Co-browse order forms, knowledge base, websites and shopping carts alongside your customers.

Chat Deflection Demo

Save Valuable Human Resources

Allow customers to resolve service issues quickly and effectively by presenting self-service answers in advance of a chat, saving valuable human resources.

Service chat deflection automates responses to common questions and delivers reliable answers using natural search language technology. Customers can easily connect to an agent at any time if they are not satisfied with Kbot’s response, in which case Kbot relays the deflection attempt results to the agent during the handoff.

Facebook Messenger Integration

With Moxie Live Chat you can engage your social media followers in the moment of need. Moxie integrates seamlessly with Facebook Messenger allowing customers to chat with agents through Messenger across devices. Additional features in the Messenger integration include:

Bot Support and Intelligent Routing

Take advantage of Messenger bots with intelligent routing to ensure seamless escalation to a Live Chat agent.

Unified Agent Client User Interface

Agents can easily recognize Messenger chats and handle them concurrently with Web chats through a unified user interface.

See firsthand how Moxie can drive sales and boost loyalty.

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