Talisma (Moxie) Enters Partnership with Denodo for Enterprise Data Mashups that Extend the Boundaries of Customer Interaction Management

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Bellevue, WA – July 8, 2008 – Talisma® Corporation (www.talisma.com), an nGenera company and the leading Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software solution provider, and Denodo Technologies (www.denodo.com), the recognized innovator of Enterprise Data Mashup software, today announced a partnership to provide a unified solution that integrates information in real-time to support customers in a more intuitive environment.

“Talisma’s customers will now add a new level of strategic value to their CIM initiatives by leveraging multiple data sources from within one of the best online customer service suites” said Angel Viña, Founder & CEO of Denodo. “The partnership will offer a truly 360-degree comprehension of the customer that will help businesses make information a strategic asset while reducing costs.”

The Denodo Enterprise Data Mashup platform enables Talisma clients to quickly and easily access and combine structured, unstructured, and Web data.  Denodo’s sophisticated platform is able to overcome the complexity of combining data being spread across disparate data silos within and outside the enterprise and deliver it with high volume transaction speed.  With the partnership, all relevant information about the customer will be available at the agents’ finger tips providing a better experience for customers and a more efficient agent experience.

The Talisma-Denodo solution will offer Talisma customers the following unique new capabilities:

• The integrated solution combines the power of CIM and enterprise data mashups to enable a “Holistic View” of the customer
• Provide real-time federated views of data from multiple internal and Web-based applications
• Relate unstructured data in emails, file systems, PDF / WORD and on the Web with relevant structured customer information using semantic technologies
• Access, extract and combine semi-structured data from public and competitive Web sites, blogs, etc. to enrich customer interactions.

These capabilities deliver enhanced ROI by enabling better business decisions, increased customer satisfaction, easy identification of cross-sell and up-sell revenue opportunities and by providing the agility to evolve customer understanding as new sources of information emerge.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to make customer service better,” said Dan Vetras, President & CEO of Talisma.  “Denodo is a solution that will further enhance our customers’ ability to provide a more intimate, and insightful level of service that will facilitate an exceptional customer experience.  Additionally, the partnership enables our customers to have a significant competitive differentiator because of the level of business intelligence the integrated solution offers.”

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