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No longer is it enough to staff up your call center—in fact, your customers don’t want to call you. According to Forrester Research, self-service usage increased from 67% in 2012 to 76% in 2014, while phone usage remained flat.

Providing relevant information through a self-service portal is crucial to a successful engagement with your business. Your customers want to self-serve – empower them with the tools to do so via Moxie Web Self-Service.


Customers aren’t just shopping on mobile devices–they’re also looking for answers to their questions. Take your mobile investment a step further, from customer experience to support.

Self-Service Portal

With Moxie’s responsive web self-service portal, content can be structured so that it is targeted to specific individuals, but the power lies in the hands of your customers to utilize it as they see fit.


Offer superior service all around with Moxie Concierge built in to your web self-service portal. If a customer needs extensive assistance, you can instantly engage them via live chat.


Web Self-Service

With Moxie Concierge’s self-service portal, ecommerce business can reduce support costs, increase customer satisfaction, and boost conversion rates. Your customers want to self-serve. Empower them with Moxie Concierge’s web self-service portal.


As a technology company specializing in eCommerce, we understand the importance of empowering both your customers and your agents. Moxie’s Web Self-Service functions across platforms, enabling you to provide smarter support with less manpower.

Cohesive Design

Provide your customers with instant access to current, relevant information on any device. With built-in mobile UX features that don’t require additional configuration, mobile deployment has never been any easier.

With Moxie, your web self-service experience is singular and seamless across desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets, striking a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Total Control

Agent-friendly administration tools allow you as the business user—not your IT department—to immediately impact the customer experience and proactively manage your web self-service portal.

With Moxie, web self-service is more manageable, agile and powerful than ever before.


Moxie Concierge recognizes when a customer is not succeeding with web self-service, triggering a live chat invitation to speak with a human agent. For example, if a customer marks an article as one star or a search comes up empty, Moxie Concierge is ready to assist before frustration sets in.

Whether it’s a quick fix or a more involved issue, rest assured your customer will never be left without the help they need to have a positive brand interaction.

Learn how Moxie Web Self-Service can redefine your idea of customer service.

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